Frequently asked questions


Do you have a catalogue?

All of our cakes are made to order to individual requirements, so we don't have a restrictive catalogue. Our website will, however, introduce you to our cakes; our showroom has lots of cakes for you to see up close and in detail and hundreds of photographs to peruse at your leisure. Additionally, we are always updating our Facebook/Twitter page with our latest news, promotions and new cakes as they are made.



Do you have a price list?

It is impossible to have a definitive price list because every cake is different and has so many variables, including the size of your cake and how complex the design is. We make cakes for all budgets. Many times we have been told by our clients that they have been apprehensive to come into our shop because they thought we would be far more expensive than they actually are but were pleasantly surprised by the value for money.



How much notice do you need to make a cake?

Most of our bride and grooms give us about 3 months notice; for other celebration cakes we need about 2 weeks notice. Our dedicated staff often get up at the crack of dawn or stay up late into the night to finish last minute orders to ensure you are always delighted with your cake.



Do you sell your sugar figures / decorations separately?

The short answer is no, sorry! Our decorations take an incredible amount of time to make and are too fragile to sell separately without the support of the cake.



Can I book a tasting / consultation?

Of course you can! Just let us know when you are able to come into the shop and we will do our best to book an appointment and have all of our delicious cakes ready for you to try.



I've heard you make cakes for the rich and famous but it is not mentioned on your website?

We don't need to name drop and all of our customers are equally important to us, it does not matter to us if you are a star of the stage and screen or Miss Smith from around the corner, everyone will receive the same professional service.




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